Hayle Services is a small service station located at the roundabout of the A30 and B3001 near Hayle, Cornwall. 

The services consists of two sites positioned right opposite each other on each side of the Carwin Rise, one sporting the typical roadside combination of filling station and lodge and the other sporting a restaurant and hotel so this meant that the two hotels were competing with each other. 

Facilities and LocationEdit

Forecourt: Shell, Select, Deli2Go, Autogas LPG

Restaurant: McDonald's, Brewers Fayre

Hotel: Travelodge (Book Rooms Here ), Premier Inn (Book Rooms Here )

Other: Picnic Tables


Location: Corwin Roundabout, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 5PN



The north site currently consists of a Shell filling station and a Travelodge hotel although it was formerly home to a Little Chef restaurant as well.

The Little Chef first opened in 1989/90 with the Shell opening sometime earlier. The restaurant opened in a building with a pitched roof, double front design, the typical Little Chef house design of the late 80s to mid 90s. However, where most other Little Chefs with this building design were built out of red brick, the restaurant here was built out of brick but had wooden gables covering the brick and also smaller windows compared to the usual with wood detailing too. As for the interior, there were a lot of dark wood features such as the partions and wicker lampshades. It is believed that Little Chef's then owners, Forte, were experimenting with different building designs and Hayle was one of the experimented sites.

The Little Chef at Hayle was a celebrity branch as it was the most southwesterly restaurant in the fleet.

In 2004/05, the Little Chef closed and there are two main theories to why this happened. For starters, the A30 is a road which is only busy during certain times of the year, specifically the summer where Cornwall is a booming holiday industry, thus in the winter, the restaurant didn't really benefit from much custom. Also, a McDonald's and Brewers Fayre was built at the south site opposite and this of course provided competition for the Little Chef. The restaurant was left to stand empty.

In 2006, a Travelodge hotel was built on site and at this point, the Little Chef was planned for reopening. However, then owners at the time hit financial problems and the reopening never took place.


The south site consists of a McDonald's restaurant which opened around 2003, a Brewers Fayre which opened around 2000 and a Premier Inn hotel which probably opened around the same time as the Brewers Fayre.



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